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May 18, 2023 – May 25, 2023




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Cubistas is a groundbreaking art collection that challenges the boundaries of creativity and questions the essence of artistic origin. The collection is an amalgamation of artificially generated Cubist pieces, where cutting-edge AI technology has been harnessed to conceive and curate an entirely new body of work that pays homage to the pioneers of Cubism.

The project is designed to shine a light on the revolutionary art movement that began in the early 20th century, famously heralded by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubism's radical approach to visual perception—depicting subjects from a multitude of viewpoints—transformed the art world, a disruption that resonates well with the disruption AI brings to society today.

In the creation of Cubistas, advanced machine learning algorithms were trained on thousands of high-resolution images of Cubist art, studying and learning their distinctive aesthetic elements, complex geometric patterns, and fragmented forms. The AI, influenced by these artistic nuances, then generated its unique renditions of Cubist artwork, offering a new perspective on a classic style.

Each piece in the Cubistas collection is a testament to the power of AI and a tribute to the rebellious spirit of Cubism. The art pieces reflect the spirit of innovation that Cubism embodied, capturing the essence of multiple perspectives and abstract forms, yet they reveal a fresh interpretation borne out of artificial intelligence.

Beyond the beautiful and engaging artworks, Cubistas invites the audience to participate in an essential dialogue about the intersection of art and technology. It raises questions about authorship, originality, and the role of AI in creative industries, echoing the disruptive nature of Cubism itself.

Cubistas does not merely mimic the Cubist style; it illustrates the potential of AI as a creative tool, and, in doing so, propels the evolution of art into a new era. It's a daring exploration of AI's artistic capabilities and a compelling experiment that pushes the boundaries of what we perceive as art. The collection showcases an exciting future where human creativity and artificial intelligence can come together to create something truly extraordinary.

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