Crisp X Vandal - the Metallurgy Trooper Series

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October 01, 2021 – October 03, 2021





***CRISP's First NFT Release in collaboration with VANDAL To Go Live on Foundation***
7pm (GMT-4) Saturday 2nd October (USA)
9am (EST) Sunday 3rd October (AUS)


Famously art napped in New York City, CRISP’s Metallurgy Concrete Troopers are an exclusive series of 3 NFT digital artworks available on Foundation.

Synonymous with CRISPs iconic graffiti art and his history of Star Wars mash-ups, the Concrete Troopers have been a public favorite previously featured during Sydney Fringe Festival. CRISPs concept of the Concrete Troopers was birthed from childhood curiosity playing with a Chinese Terracotta Warrior souvenir and Star Wars figurines. Little did he know this was an unintentional connection with his Asian heritage. Paired with his previous skills of sculpture making, CRISP is an internationally recognized street artist with a history of classic Star Wars remix designs. His raw and urban aesthetic is distinct and recognizable from Stencil to Sculpture pieces such as Corporate Vader, Banker Trooper, and Protester Yoda to Buddha Vader and Trooper.

Created in collaboration with VANDAL, Sydney

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