Corrupt Catz

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October 08, 2021 – October 09, 2021



Corrupt Catz hail from all over the globe - a special species of 10,000 felines that each sport its own unique personalities. Our Catz aren't your average furry companions, and if you adopt some you'll soon find out the truth...

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, designers & developers, brought together by our shared passion for our favourite furry friends and a desire to use the crypto space as power for good. Recently, one of the team sadly lost their cat Caesar, and we decided to pay homage to him by using him as our inspiration for our base cat!

As cat owners, we want to support the community by giving back to charities and not-for-profits that we know can make an impact in ensuring stray cats have a home. With this in mind, we’re dedicating 20% of our royalties to cat charities. The most exciting part of this project is the 18,000+ strong worldwide community that we are going to put at the forefront of our donation decisions. This ensures that the charities and NFPs make the most impact on smaller scales don’t get overlooked.

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