Cool Golden Lion Tamarin

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October 17, 2022 – October 24, 2022



This is a collection of inspiring nft Art. Showing the life of a golden lion tamarin living in the Atlantic forest, located in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. This tamarin is very unique, golden in color, and living in this vast and beautiful forest. Caring for all the tamarin and animals living there and especially protecting the environment around him. He tries to find the best way to show his empathy as a family towards the species living there and help them out to make a good environment there so they can survive in a good way. But it seems that they are endangered by some environmental factors such as habitat loss, poaching, and invasive species, deforestation, fragmentation, As these factors will be reduced, the environment can be protected from misuse of resources and can help to create a better environment for animals, species, and as well as for human beings.

Grab one golden lion and spread happiness and healthy life around the globe and show your empathy to different species in the ecosystem and save their life to make this world a beautiful place to live.

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