My Tasty Choco Donut NFT

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April 01, 2022 – April 08, 2022





Hello everyone ! Take a look at ''My Tasty Choco Donut" on foundation. Right now, it's mine, but if you'd like, you can make it yours. I have also created this Donut NFT in real life! I tried my best to make it as similar as I could, and it was crazy delicious ! You should try recreating this Donut NFT in real life as well; maybe you can do better. Who knows ? Or you can create your own Donut NFT and real-life NFT that is completely different. If more people do it, we'll soon have an NFT donut collection that is created by everyone around the world. If that would ever happen, then this collection would be really unique because it brings people around the world together, and we would be able to see what kind of donuts everyone likes.

If you would like, you can take a look at my real-life donut as well ! You can find multiple videos about how I have created my Donut NFT in real life on my Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube! So, check it out if you'd like! 

My donut is a very tasty chocolate donut with pretty colored sprinkles. The colors of the sprinkles that I have chosen are white, baby blue, bright blue, lilac, purple, and pink. The icing is, of course, as you can see a chocolate icing. What a mouth-watering sight...

Find ''My Tasty Choco Donut'' on foundation!

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