Chrysanthemum collection Minting

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June 29, 2022 – July 06, 2022



Chrysanthemum is the first generative NFT using science-backed biofeedback to improve wellness.

CHRYSANTHEMUM: The Heart-Centered Drop, is 1,440 NFTs which incorporate biofeedback to guide breathing and harmonize with your heartbeat. Together, Luminance & TRIPP have created this collection to advance our shared mission of sharing transformative experiences rooted in the science and research of well-being.

Designed by Daniel Friedman of Luminance, with sound design by David Starfire of TRIPP, the NFT collection leverages science and research-backed biofeedback to support interactive, meditative experiences. This revolutionary approach to binaural audio design dynamically adjusts the beat frequency based on a user’s heart.  For further immersion, holders can enable audio feedback to listen to sound frequencies generated by their own heart, with the sound and music library provided by GRAMMY-nominated artists Justin Boreta and Matt Davis of Superposition. Each session with the NFT is unique and holders will have access to a nearly infinite number of psychedelic-inspired designs, colors, and patterns that can be changed with a click.





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