Candy x MLB - Showstopper ICONs

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March 29, 2023 – April 05, 2023


Candy Digital



We are dedicating our first round of packs to 2023 and the epic season that is starting soon. Forty-three players who are among the best of the best will be included in this drop. How did you get to 43 you may ask? It's simple math, 20+23! Inside these packs you will also find 23 special inserts.

Drop Details 

  • Start: March 29 1pm ET
  • End: March 30 1pm ET
  • There will be no early access for this drop
  • There will be no collection challenge associated with this drop

Pack Details 

  • Price: $43 per pack
  • Rarity
  • Rare: 100
  • Epic: 40
  • Legendary: 1‍
  • 3 ICONs per pack ‍
  • 10 packs per transaction, 10 total per customer account‍
  • 43 players included (full list provided below)
  • Total Packs: 2,021


23 ICONic Passes will be inserted throughout the packs. These 2023 ICONic Passes will give holders a free high-tier pack for all subsequent drops in 2023.

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