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October 10, 2021 – October 10, 2021



Welcome to the brommunity, a virtual members-only clubhouse for Bros and Baes across the globe who love NFTs, sports, gaming, music, streetwear, tech, and art.


We launched the first 1,000 Bros on OpenSea. After receiving feedback from our Community, careful consideration of the holders, and the future and scalability of the project, we've decided to relaunch on the Solana Blockchain. Due to the exorbitant gas fees on Ethereum, Solana will provide a much faster and cheaper alternative to becoming a member of the Community. 

The OpenSea Genesis Collection will now serve as the presale for our lottery mint happening 10/10/21 on Solana. Holder will receive two random Solana BROBOTS for every one Ethereum BROBOT purchased during the presale. This will reward holders for participation in the presale and secure membership at a reduced cost. The remaining supply on OpenSea will be burnt before the Solana Launch. 

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