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January 28, 2022 – February 04, 2022



3022 is a new NFT-project that merges the visual appeal of NFT art, with an interactive and growing community.

Our project is focused on the story of 3022, which sees 3600 Humans, Cyborgs, and Aliens living together in pseudo-peace following a violent war. During the daytime, the three races live together without issue, but once the sun has set the war rages on once more. They seek to control the final city of Galaxia and will stop at nothing to secure victory. 

Getting Started

Stepping into the 3022 community is achieved by minting one of 3600 NFTs. In doing this, you'll become part of one of the three races, and instantly inducted into their community. Your NFT will represent a Human, Cyborg, or Alien and will act as your key to an exclusive clan of like-minded individuals. 

Joining the Fight

This is where our collection separates itself from the rest. We're initially introducing a 3022. mobile game, which gives our NFT holders their first taste of competitiveness. In a PVP Tower Defense-style game, each race will battle it out to become the winner and claim victory for their clan. Each character type has its own range of special abilities, power-ups, and towers that lead to a specific style of play. 

Along the way, you'll have chances to win amazing prizes, and share tactics with your clan members to ensure you always have the upper hand. Your task is to master the abilities at your disposal and share your knowledge and experience with your new community; because they'll be doing the same! 

A Virtual Home

Once our mobile game is in full swing, we'll be introducing the 3022 Metaverse. Initially a communal space for each clan, the 3022 Metaverse will grow into something much bigger, giving users the chance to unlock their own potential. If you want to own space to create your own clan branch, be our guest. If you want to set up shop to buy and sell rare upgrades, take it away. The limits only go as far as your imagination. But never let go of the sense of community that 3022 seeks to grant you because that is what we are about. 

A Community-Friendly Token

Funding your adventures in 3022 is easy, as we're introducing Liberty as our native token. This will initially be given to our NFT holders, allowing them to earn increasing amounts depending on how long they hold their character. By giving NFT holders the chance to accumulate Liberty tokens, we hope to show our appreciation for their support. These tokens will allow users to buy new upgrades and eventually communal areas - and we want our early supporters to have that luxury by default. 

There will be a chance to buy Liberty tokens from an exchange, but we want to show that it isn't a necessity to enjoy the 3022 community.

We’ll See You There!

We'll be waiting to welcome you to the virtual landscape of 3022.

Which side are you on?

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