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Tim Riopelle

Tim Riopelle is a Canadian-based artist who is well versed in 2D, 3D Animation & VFX. He has over 10 years of experience, over which he has been involved in the production of video games, television productions, and films. His genius touch in contrast and lighting has made his releases feature in awards such as Emmy Awards. Tim uses multiple design tools like Maya, Arnold, VRay and Nuto, coming up with award-winning art pieces. His unique styles merge elements of the real world with hose of science fiction, and the results are abstract and surreal artworks.

Through his artwork, the observer gets a portal that allows viewing of a strange and beautiful universe. Tim entered the NFT space in collaboration with Palomas, a new age rock band. Together, they recently dropped NFTs on the Nifty Gateway platform in mid-June 2021. The 4 NFTs in the collection comprise excellent animations by Tim and perfectly blended sounds by the Paloma Band.

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