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Crypt Couture

Crypt Couture is an NFT art collector, creator, and trader who focuses on digitized cultural artifacts. The description on the Instagram page he runs describes him as a verified crypto art collector. Crypt Couture uses the power of social media to market works of art before they are launched on NFT marketplaces. His Instagram page is curated with previous and upcoming drops, which allows his fans to follow his journey. Most of the artworks he puts up for sale are inspired by well-known sculptures around the world.

For instance, he made a 3D model of “Christ on the Crucifix” then added motion before uploading it on Rarible under the “Crucifix” title. Crypt Couture experimented on the Crypto.com platform with a debut drop in the spring of 2021. The collection was titled “Ancient Trinity,” which comprised three rare artifacts re-made into digital format. Collectors got high-resolution images and animations, which help tell the backstory of each mystical artifact.

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  • On May 25th, Crypt Couture drops the ‘Ancient Trinity’ NFT Collection on Crypto.com. Crypt Couture democratizes and digitizes cultural artefacts.

    “Ancient Trinity” NFT Collection features...

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