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How to list your project on the NFT Calendar?

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In the 21st century, success is always bonded with good promotion. And this truth of life doesn't bypass modern art, including NFTs, of course. The majority of NFT collections that are on everyone's lips, and not going to abate, took PR and marketing quite seriously. The result? Huge community, constant media coverage, overwhelming profit. 

To get your NFT project to dizzy heights (read grab collectors' attention and make them crave all your artworks), you should devote some effort to its promotion. The formula is pretty simple: the more people know about your collection, the higher are chances that you will get it to sold out. One of the 'it truly works' options to generate more awareness about your project and expand its reach is to submit it to the NFT Calendar. Backed by a huge community of collectors and followers, NFT Calendar is one of the proven channels that can boast of the audience most likely to invest. 

So, the first move for making your initiative noticeable is to add your drop to the NFT Calendar. We have composed a step-by-step guide to make the process of listing your NFT projects on our website easy and correctly to complete and get it exposed in an appealing way to the community of more than 40,000 collectors. Here you go! 

5 Points To Know Before You Start Getting Listed on the NFT Calendar:

  • The team of moderators reviews each NFT collection submitted to our website before approval. This notice is for you to know that your project won’t appear on the NFT Calendar immediately.
  • Get ready with a concise and clear textual description of your project, advised to be no less than 120 words. It is recommended to make the description unique and adapted specifically for the NFT Calendar listing.
  • Adding a cover image of your project, either static or GIF, up to 1MB is a must. It would be nice if your image has a square aspect ratio, like 1000x1000px or similar.
  • It’s obligatory to provide all possible links to your project, including a website, social media pages as well as a source link, featuring an official announcement of your event.
  • Do not forget to check our Terms of Use to make sure that your project meets all the content requirements. 

How To Submit Your Project on the NFT Calendar in 9 Easy Steps

  1. To add your collection to the NFT calendar, you should click the ‘List Your Event’ button in the upper right corner.
  2. Fill in the name of your collection, keeping it concise without emojis, special characters, Caps Lock, etc.
  3. Write a detailed description of your project. We would suggest making a mix of storytelling with more precise data about your collection, including supply, mint price, perks for collectors, the roadmap, etc. Avoid adding emojis, special symbols, a mix of fonts, or HTML styling.
  4. Add an appealing cover image of your project in a PNG, JPG, or GIF format. It’s preferable to add an image in a square shape.
  5. Make sure you fill in the date of your project launch but not the date you’re listing your event. Your project will appear on our homepage for maximum exposure on the day of its launch.
  6. Provide the details of your event, namely the blockchain and the marketplace it is to be minted on, as well as specify the category your project is related to such as sports, music, game, etc.
  7. The last step is to provide all the official links to your event, including the website, and social media channels, where Discord is one of the most recommended ones to have. The website of your project should be publicly available on its own separate and unique domain name.
  8. Do not forget to give your Email address as all the notifications from our team regarding your event will be sent there.
  9. Once you have filled in all of the information, click the ‘Submit Event’ button. 

Further, you will be directed to a page where you can select the level of service you would like to receive. There are two options: 

  • A Standard Plan

According to this option, listing on the NFT Calendar is free. Your collection will get to a standard moderation queue, and it usually takes 4-5 days to review your submission. Take into account that only the thoroughly described projects, with high-quality images, assets like Discord server, and a website will pass through moderation due to high demand. 

  • An Express Plan 

If you want your project to appear on the NFT Calendar in just a couple of hours, getting through a priority moderation queue, you can make it with the Express option. Compared to a Standard plan, it’s guaranteed that your project will pass through moderation and be automatically verified. Our team will work with you to resolve anything we consider inappropriate on the listing and improve your project’s exposure. In addition, you will get VIP support from the NFT Calendar team in Discord. 

After submission, you immediately get a letter to the Email address you’ve provided, notifying you that the process of moderation has started. 

If you have chosen a free listing on the NFT Calendar according to a Standard Plan, you still can upgrade it to an Express Plan, by clicking on the ‘Upgrade Event’ button in a letter from the NFT Calendar team (see the screenshot below). 

While your event is in a moderation queue, you will see such a notification (see the screenshot below), also, offering you to upgrade your event, if you want it to appear on the NFT Calendar faster as well as benefit from other perks of the Express listing.

During moderation, the NFT Calendar team thoroughly checks all the provided links to make sure that a submitted project is not a scam or phishing attempt. The moderators also assess the activity on your social media accounts as well as the number of members in the community supporting your project. Besides, our team reviews and double-checks all the data and description of your project that has been provided to make sure there is no plagiarism or other obvious violations as well as if the data coincides on all the sources. 

No matter if your project was approved or rejected, you will get a notification from the NFT Calendar team to your Email address in any case. 

Here is how the notification looks in case of rejection. There are a few explanatory points on why the project didn’t pass the moderation (see the screenshot below). If your project was not published on the NFT Calendar, you can re-submit it, checking on all the points on improving it, as stated in the letter. 

In a word, in this very case, there were no external source links provided to prove that the ‘The Universe is Eternal’ event is at least real. 

If your project meets the selection criteria, you will get a notification to your Email address, including the link to your event on the NFT Calendar. Here is an example of how your event will look on our website. 

In case you want to make adjustments to your project after its publication on the NFT Calendar, you should go to our official Discord channel and leave your request in the Support Chat. 

If you have any other questions, you can always contact us, leaving your message in the NFT Calendar Contact Form

We are always glad to assist you and interested in seeing your project on the NFT Calendar!