ENEDEX Green Energy Elon Musk NFT Lottery

Green Energy Elon Musk Animated NFT can be checked here: https://www.bakeryswap.org/#/exchange/new-artworks/artworkInfo/23030/1/1 Enedex is writing history. This NFT piece is extremely valuable due to its rarity, and the number of participants that will compete for it. The winner will be contacted by email at the end of the contest. Please make sure you provide us your […]

Win a Free Gizzy

The launch of World of Gizzy version 1 is due to launch in June 2021. WOG will shape the way NFT’s and gaming are combined. Today you will have a chance to win a free Gizzy when you enter your email at https://worldofgizzy.com

First Educational Experience sold as NFT


What if... we take education and merge it with crypto? Our new drop is exactly what we believe is the future of NFTs - digital, decentralized ownership mixed with real-life experiences. On May 27 we will drop 20 collectibles that together with the NFT will give you access to UI& Design Systems Course that includes […]

Vitalik Let The Dogs Out!


Who let the dogs out? ... Vitalik! This work commemorates Vitalik and Polygon's unprecedented contribution to Covid relief in India. A work by Indian artists shining hope to the rest of the world. And, lets not forget the DOGE and SHIB communities barking their way to the crypto hall of fame!

Lucky Maneki NFT Collection


Lucky Manekis are magical creatures that inhabit the legendary world of Luckeania. In that mystical domain, out of the energies of good fortune and prosperity, the first 40 Lucky Manekis were born. Also known as the Epic Manekis, they are truly a rare sighting. Over the centuries, Epic Manekis have developed as species and grew […]

this is a performance. by Ayshia Taskin

hic et nunc

'this is a performance.' on the hicetnunc NFT platform is a conceptual blockchain crypto-performance piece by Intermedia artist Ayshia Taskin a.k.a . The performance consists of the artist 'minting' artwork in real-time while the audience tries to catch a glimpse of the bustling and vibrant creative blockchain sphere. All works from the performance will be […]

Eternal Chaos by Daryoosh Mosleh


Eternal Chaos is inspired by the turbulent times we live in. It represents life’s trials and tribulations which often fluctuate between intense and dormant from womb to tomb. This piece is a part of a series called Hypnotic Loops. You can view a complete, high-resolution version at OpenSea. If you have any questions or wish […]

BornBadBoys is giving away 1500 free NFT Boys.

Binance NFT

BornBadBoys is giving away 1500 free NFT Boys out of 10,000 on the Binance Smart Chain. Only 10,000 unique Boys will ever exist. Each Boy file has been sha2-256 hashed and hosted on IPFS.

Satoshi Blocks NFT – Blocks 6x drops!

Each "Satoshi Block" is a unique digital art inspired by the story of the lost bitcoins generated by Satoshi Nakamoto's early mining. This week, blocks 60, 61, 62, and 63 (photo) are dropping... Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonymous name used by the creator of Bitcoin. Many sources have found that he mined during the first […]