Crypto Cannabinoid Genesis Sale Launch


The Genesis Series is the first NFT release by Crypto Cannabinoid, a small team of creatives and engineers, bound together by a shared passion for all things cannabis. Each NFT features 100% original content and highlights our five favorite strains: OG Kush, Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, Acapulco Gold, and Purple Urkle. The Series comprised of […]

Altering with time


On May 30th, artist of multiple expressions, Arpit Vyas drops his 'Altering with time' NFT piece on KnownOrigin. Arpit Vyas is an engineer that became a surrealist who expresses his thoughts on canvas. 'Altering with time' is a visualization that portrays the violent and unregulated power of time over a person and how the nature […]

this is a performance. by Ayshia Taskin

hic et nunc

'this is a performance.' on the hicetnunc NFT platform is a conceptual blockchain crypto-performance piece by Intermedia artist Ayshia Taskin a.k.a . The performance consists of the artist 'minting' artwork in real-time while the audience tries to catch a glimpse of the bustling and vibrant creative blockchain sphere. All works from the performance will be […]