Operation Bellevue by Futura 2000

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April 11, 2021 – April 11, 2021






On April 11, Leonard McGurr aka Futura 2000 is dropping his genesis NFT collection ‘Operation Bellevue’ on Nifty Gateway. Four artworks will be released as 10-minute Open Editions!

Futura 2000 was one of the first street artists in America. However, he gained recognition not only for his paintings and images on the walls but also for his design work. The artist’s first art experiments were made in the subway. Later, he moved to the walls of houses and other structures. Some time later, the attempts to do design were added to street art. A little later, Leonard also started creating designs of covers for CDs.

In a word, he is a man of many talents, and it’s a great pleasure to see him stepping into the NFT world.

Do not miss the drop, and definitely add it to your calendar!

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