MultiNFT Project - Metaverse Parties

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November 07, 2021 – November 13, 2021



MultiNFT recently took part in hosting the Techno Stage in the first “Metaverse Festival”, a 4-day masterpiece event in Decentraland, featuring mind-blowing decoration only possible in a virtual world. 

We are proud to say that 6,500 attendees at our stage alone received their PAOP tokens and rocked till dawn!

MultiNFT has been developing exciting perks for its members as a display of our community-centered approach.

The perks of the 10,000 memberships include; 

  • Exclusive Access to Metaverse Events and VIP lounges.
  • Automatic $MNFT Yield for Holders, Staking for Leverage.
  • Exclusive NFT Metaverse Wearables, Skins & Game Items.
  • PFP Avatar with Metaverse Integrations (3d in 2022).
  • Play-to-Earn Tournaments & NFT Giveaways on our Arcade.
  • Free Random Merchandise Drops and Discounted Wearables.

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