Mr. Bojangles

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September 04, 2021 – September 05, 2021





Mr. Bojangles is 6969 generative 8-Bit Sloths created by Sleepy Sloth Finance on the Ethereum Costa Rican Jungle Metaverse. Every Bojangle is completely unique with over 150+ hand-drawn features. By securing your own gamified Bojangles NFT you will be able to receive dividends from percent of sales per month. Secondly, you can verify your Bojangles to get airdropped our Charity Based Token $SLEEPY.

Lastly, expect Bojangles Comics to be released allowing you to use your NFT to get the first edition. Our vision is to create a close niche DEFI community to work together and help our environment by donating to charity organizations across the globe. It will cost .05 ETH to mint your own 8-bit Bojangles on Saturday, September the 4th at 3 pm PST (1 am UTC). Shortly after, we will be on Opensea for all secondary sales. Together we can help the world and still go to the moon. Do It For Bojangles.

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