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August 03, 2022 – August 17, 2022





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The Soulful Art Group is proud to present the 10.000 Eternal Hearts NFT collection available on starting the 27th July 2022.

Release will be ongoing with Eternal Hearts being added everyday  until the whole 10.000 NFTs are released, we expect that the bulk of the collection will be uploaded before the end of August 2022 and will continue into September 2022 if required.

Time for a F.A.Q. to get you up to speed!

What Are The "Eternal Hearts"

Eternal Hearts is a collection of 10.000 unique NFTS forever embedded in the Ethereum Blockchain, each of them depicting a heart. They were originaly going to be named  or Eternal Crypto Hearts but we dropped the Crypto as it is implied for an NFT after all.

All hearts are created equal but hearts have different sources of inspiration and utilize different creative techniques. This allows each of them to be unique and distinctive while never straying of the main themes of the collection, Heart, Emotion & Love.

In our presentation on we assign some traits and characteristics to our hearts (e.g. main color, solidity etc) in order to make a 10.000 strong collection easier to browse. However these traits are the result of our creative process and not vice versa. In simpler words everyone should see and appreciate each Eternal heart as a whole and not focus on individual traits. After all a work of art must always be much more than the sum of its parts.

All hearts are equally priced in their initial offering and each one will ultimately find its proper price in the NFT market.

Why Hearts?

The human heart has been historically recognized as the cradle of human emotions. Since the oldest traces of civilization there is proof that people have been painting, sculpting, etching hearts to express their feelings such as joy, sorrow, goodness, hardness but mostly and predominantly their love for others. 

We conceived “Eternal Hearts” as timeless and indestructible works of art forever etched in the Ethereum Blockchain to express and convey those human emotions.

Who Are The Creators?

We are a group of artists’ eager to explore and experiment with the creative opportunities of merging traditional digital creative techniques with Generative Art (G.A.), Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Block Chain technology.  

As we see it Art has a deep and unbreakable link with human emotion; this link cannot be undone via the influx of algorithms in the field. On the contrary it is those algorithms that must be infused with emotion in order to participate in the creation of Art.

In our work we try to fuse traditional digital creative techniques with G.A., A.I and block chain technology in order to create Art that can evoke and transfer human emotion in powerful and innovative ways.

For us without the ability to evoke Human emotion Art becomes Soulless and empty of meaning.

We call ourselves the Soulful Art Group.

We like few words and a lot of work.

What Is Your Creative Technique?

Eternal Hearts is the first major NFT Collection that is a fusion of A.I. with Human Intellect (H.I.), emotion and aesthetic. This uniqueness enables ETERNAL HEARTS to be distinctive, unrepeatable, aesthetically pleasing & artistically whole in both an individual and collection level.

As we see it we were able to combine A.I. & H.I. to create Art capable of expressing and transmitting human emotions, Art infused with a Soul!

What Are The Use Cases?

Each Eternal Heart is a unique work of art.

You can:

  • use it as a classy profile icon that expresses yourself and your emotions on Social Media platforms & online forums.
  • keep it as proof to belong in the exclusive group of people owning a part of the first major NFT collection fusing A.I. with Human Intellect, emotion and aesthetic.
  • use your Eternal Heart(s) as you would any other Ethereum based NFT in your possession e.g. print it on paper, t-shirts, canvas or cups, make tattoos or fine jewelry out of it, use it as your logo, put in on a digital exhibition, or keep it in your mobile/smart watch/pc and admire it.

But what we really envisioned for the ETERNAL HEARTS is for them to be gifted from one human to another as a token of true love. 

Whatever kind of love humans feel for each other can  be expressed by gifting an ETERNAL HEART,  be it :

  • parent to child
  • child to parent
  • sibling to sibling
  • friend to friend
  • lover to lover 
  • Person to Person

After all, what is a better way to reveal unspoken love or propose engagement / marriage than by gifting an Eternal Heart.

What Is The Roadmap?

  • We don’t believe in big words and exhaustive, extensive and detailed roadmaps.
  • We don’t believe that art should find value in future offerings, benefits, airdrops etc. 
  • We believe that each individual NFT and each Collection of NFTs, must have its own value as a self-sufficient work of Art. 
  • Most of all we hate broken promises.

Thus we make only promises we can keep:

  • Eternal Hearts is designed to be the first (Project Human Emotion A) in a series of at least 3 human emotion NFT projects to be released by Soulful Art. Future projects may or may not utilize the same creative techniques as we like to experiment. 
  • To reward collectors who support our initial Human Emotion project, we will offer all owners of ETERNAL HEARTS  a chance to buy pieces of our two future human emotion projects (Projects Human Emotion B & C) in half than floor prices, before they are released to the general public. More specifically each ETERNAL HEART will provide its owner (at the time right before the new project’s release) the option to purchase one NFT of their choice from the new collection in half the floor price. Choice of NFTs will be in a first come first serve basis.
  • At least 10% of each project’s NFTs must be sold to the public in order to proceed to the next one, up to 1 full year is required for each project to be finalized after the 10% milestone is reached (it’s a lot of work people).


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