Dark Forest NFT Round 1

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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022



The Dark Forest is a violent, desolate, and discouraging game for individuals deeply invested in the ethereum ecosystem.

You, sweet and dear metatech pioneer, assume control and stewardship of an avatar, an onchain warrior of uncertain background and cloudier destiny.

These avatars inhabit The Dark Forest, an endlessly sprawling hyperboarean maze where light, love, and hope are difficult to come by.

Theirs is a land of myth and magic, where death is a constant threat and the only way to survive is through the immortality earned by rewriting history through achieving great deeds.

Your avatar is not safe in your wallet. Other's avatars are not safe in their wallet.

All avatars have 4 possible states: InitiateExperiencedChampion, and Dead.

Avatars can either attack, be attacked, or be resurrected for a small eth payment. After the battle is decided, the winner achieves a small bit of experience, inching them along to ascending towards international renown... and bragging rights.

The dark forest is not a game to be won, it is an ordeal to experience and survive. It is a collective story generator, where each battle is marked indelibly to ethereum forever.


The Dark Forest will have a long release schedule. 
On the first round, October 1, 2022, 50 NFTs will be released as a freemint to holders of BasedGhouls, AllStars, and a handful of other DAOs and collections. 50 NFTs will be released as a free mint publicly for a total supply of 100 on day one.

Future rounds will be similarly sized and with low mint prices yet to be determined. 

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