CryptoStellular Katz

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February 15, 2023 – February 22, 2023







CryptoStellular Katz - Batch 1 Release

Cryptostellular Katz is a collection of 369 vibrant pixel based alien Katz designed by Addy.

A Rover is sent to explore the outer space. It comes back with 369 different findings that will help unlock the mysteries of the universe and prove the existence of intergalactic sentient life across the multiverse. The Rover captured 369 different Kat forms. All were unique and totally different from each other.

The collectors of the NFT will receive game assets with each NFT that can be used in the Sandbox metaverse. Addy wants to build a strong community based on the wild idea of space exploration and the wild possibilities of finding life forms across the multiverse. Furthermore these NFTs are hand crafted with a lot of skill and dedication with the expectation that the art style itself would capture the interest of the people. This is a small scale project aimed at giving value to the collectors of the NFT and giving people the opportunity to own Addy's unique art works in the blockchain. 

Our NFTs will be releasing on 15th of February, 2023. We invite you all to visit our opensea collection. All our NFTs are exclusively available only on Opensea

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