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August 08, 2022 – August 15, 2022





Nft including an option on a bottle champagne which is a world novelty 

The exclusive presale of the nft champagne granitum® option starts on aug. 8th 2022 at 8.00 pm

The project:

Web3 is new and champagne granitum is brand new. "Both will revolutionize the world" we combine these two exciting products and offer you an “nft art champagne asstes” set consisting of:

Nft designed especially for the zéro millésime vintage 2022

Naturally limited champagne granitum bottles physical option

The owner of the nft has the option to make a particularly lucrative investment.

To champagne granitum

The wine for the champagne granitum production is refined in granite barrels. Granite consists of three crystals, which allow the wine to breathe and mature well. The "Méthode trois cristaux" is totally new in champagne production and the 2022 harvest year becomes the champagne granitum zéro millésime 2022. Vinification in granite barrel creates a new wine category. The taste is perceived as pure, fruitier, with intense crystalline freshness. Together with an enthusiastic, innovative vigneron in the heart of the champagne, in epernay, a new history will be written from 2022 on.  

To champagne assets: 

Whilst champagne supply is limited, demand and prices are steadily increasing. This makes the luxury drink a great alternative investment. Demand for champagne increased significantly even during some of the biggest economic and pandemic crises of the 21st century. 

The following hard factors speak in favor of an investment:

Champagne may only be produced in champagne, france according to strict regulations.

The small number of vineyards therefore lead to a natural limitation of this luxury good.

The champagne market is stable and a low volatility investment.

All champagne 50 liv-ex indices have risen steadily over the past decade, leading some to consider them a safer investment than gold.

Our vigneron refines some of its best wines with the "Méthode trois cristaux“

The nft collection is limited number of 4.050 bottles - worldwide

Granitum zéro millésime 2022 is a new real rarity champagne 

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