Buy virtual showrooms in Infinity Mall & Metaplex

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January 01, 2022 – January 31, 2022





Infinity Void is introducing its first virtual mall & metaplex in its metaverse This mall would be a one-stop destination for all the virtual stores in the metaverse. The buyers can either rent out the unit to retailers or build a virtual store themselves. This mall includes the first metaplex in the metaverse with 3 auditoriums.

Each showroom would be 100% interactive and usable. People can buy products from each virtual showroom. 

The metaplex has a seating capacity of 542 people. The owner of the metaplex can run movies on schedule and can also sell tickets for the sale, using in game crypto token.

We believe our mall would revolutionise the shopping and entertainment industry. We are using the highest graphics possible to make it as real as possible

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