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No-Mind Games

No-Mind Games is a game development initiative headed by Andrew Stewart, an avid gamer since childhood who became a hobby game developer as an adult. The company entered the NFT space with two-game releases titled “Undead Pixel Monks Adventure” and “Undead Pixel Monks Dojo.” Assets in the games are minted as NFTs collectibles. No-Mind Games released the NFTs for the first game in three waves. The first and second waves dropped in the summer of 2021 on OpenSea under the titles “Undead Pixel Monks” and “Undead Pixel Monks - Generation 2,” respectively. The third wave, “Undead Pixel Monks - Generation 3,” is lined up for release in the fall of the same year.

Holders of the first wave NFTs get early access to the first game for free and in-game rewards on the second game. No-mind Games gives updates about the progress of their projects on their Twitter account and an exclusive discord server. In addition, the team provides teasers to the games before release on their YouTube channel.

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