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CryptoPoops is an NFT project created by co-founders Jonathan Howard and Eric Wedum. The project is based on the idea of a community-driven project. In it, members can mint their NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. A total of 6,006 CryptoPoops exist, and each has unique properties. Each NFT has a back story and appears on the blockchain as an ERC721 token. Owners get an additional 1080x1080 pixel image which they can use as proof of membership on social media. The project includes premium poops, which are crafted with joint efforts from top-notch developers and designers. In this regard, the team has a public discord server where anyone interested to join the poop project can join. Perks of joining the community include participating in events and giveaways for randomly selected members. Since the NFTS are ERC721 tokens, they can be traded on OpenSea and integrated into DApps. Therefore, the community can quickly adapt to the use of the NFTs according to changing market dynamics.

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